FREESTYLE FRIDAYS: Becky Waddell of Be Clean 0 Comments

We're still celebrating the launch of our 8 FREE Spring 2016 "Year of Yes" collection with the fourth installment  of "FREEstyle Fridays".  Up next is Becky, founder of Be Clean, a pure botanical skin and bodycare shop located in Washington, DC.
  1.    When you want to reset and revitalize—beach, mountains, or other?
When I want to recharge, I usually make my way to a hot bath or shower. It's rare that I am able to "get away," so I try to indulge in simple luxuries as often as I can. That said, my heart's home is in Corvallis, Oregon, and every time I visit, I feel like I've been renewed. Oregon's coastal mountains are the most incredible source of humbling energy, and it's in the windy, overcast mountain paths where you can release your ego and fears and just exist.
  1.    The most unexpected lesson you learned in the last year…
The world is not black and white, but instead, a rainbow of grey. Try to have compassion for yourself and the people around you, even when it's hard. Actually, especially when it's hard!
  1.    Last book that made you take notes in the margins?
I took mental margin notes in "Yes Please" by Amy Poehler. She's a complex, intelligent woman, and I enjoyed learning from her writing and experiences.
  1.    Best song to put you in the mood to SLAY? 
Grown Woman, by BEY, coincidentally! 
  1.    Go-to power nail shade?
Backstage Beauty! Though Birthday Suit may be a new contender.
  1.    Top bucket list item for 2016?
Our bucket list only has one item: to not have a bucket list! We're seeing where this year takes us, with an eye toward more exciting partnerships and intimate experiences for our community! 
  1.    Favorite stationery item?
My Appntd Co. notebook. I've actually reached the last few pages, which is rare for me! My scattered brain is drawn to her clean and pretty color palette and grid layout. What a wonderful local gem! 
  1.    How did your most FREE-ing moment challenge you and force you to grow? 
It's been the most challenging moments that have helped me be brave. There are so many ways we can second guess ourselves, and in some ways that's a good thing. It makes us want to improve and bring our A-game. But, second guessing ourselves can also hold us back. What I've learned from our challenges this year is that we are capable of rising above our fears, and when we do, we only grow stronger! 
A very special thank you to Becky for sharing with us! Xx
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