FREEstyle Fridays: Desiree Verdejo of Vivrant Beauty 1 Comment

As we continue to celebrate our 8 FREE Spring collection, Year of Yes, we are excited to share our fifth installment of FREEstyle Fridays!  Meet Desiree Verdejo, attorney turned entrepreneur, and founder of Vivrant Beauty.
1. Most important lesson that you’ve learned in the past year… 

I've been learning to enjoy the ride. Being an entrepreneur is like being on a roller coaster – there are valleys like low revenue days and costly mistakes. On the other hand there are innovative brand collaborations, informative communications with knowledgeable brand-owners and great press placements. I've learned to really take it all in when things go well because every day is a new experience. 


2. Song that puts you in the mood to slay the world? 

"Trouble" by Amel Larieux has been on the top of my "slay" playlist for years. 


3. Woman whose brain you’d most love to pick over dinner… 

I'd love the chance to talk life and business with Diane Von Furstenberg. I'm a fan of the way that she weaved her stylish, global persona into the DVF brand and kept it alive and relevant for so long. I wouldn't mind hearing more about her late nights at Studio 54 or her experience as a royal either. 


4. Go-to bossy scent? 

Nasomotto Narcotic V. is the perfect blend of powerful and sensual. It suits my current mood so I'm wearing it a lot these days. 


5. Top bucket list item to accomplish in 2016… 

Take a vacation! This is my first year in business so I'm still in a place where I feel that the business will come crumbling down if I'm away for more than 24 hours. A vacation in 2016 would be an amazing way to prove myself wrong and to sit back and reflect on all that has happened overall.


6. Your favorite neighborhood haunt? 

There's a cozy restaurant named Vinateria a few streets from the boutique. They have amazing food, great drinks and I feel like I always bump into my favorite Harlemites when I'm there.


7. Last book that moved you to take notes in the margins… 

Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates is such an eloquent, spot-on book on race in America. Many pages of my copy are dog-eared and I found myself reading poignant passages out loud to my husband. 


8. What has been your most FREE-ing moment and how did it challenge you to grow? 

My most freeing moment was the day that the store opened. A few customers trickled in to browse and welcome a new neighbor, but one woman came in to ask for guidance to treat a skin issue. I realized that I was finally running the store that I'd dreamed of but also that people were relying on me as a resource. It forced and still forces me to perform because I always want people to see me and the team at Vivrant Beauty as skincare and haircare experts.


A very special thank you to Desiree for sharing with us! Xx

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