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Our seventh installment of FREEstyle Fridays brings us design visionary Virginia Arrisueño, of DeNada. Read on to learn how saying no empowered Virginia to emphatically say yes to her most important dreams.
  1.     Top bucket list item for 2016? 

My top bucket list item for 2016 is to travel to Japan with my family.



  1.     A family adventure that you would love to re-live? 

Last year, my husband, son, and I traveled to Hawaii. It was our first

time and our trip was absolutely amazing! Hawaii is truly a paradise, and

I would love to go back soon and explore some more.



  1.     Most important piece of advice you’ve ever received? 

Do what you love to do – my father told me this when I was younger, and

have always kept it in mind ever since.



  1.     Your most coveted accessory? 

I have a gold necklace that I wear everyday. It’s very minimal: gold chain

with a small gold pendant that has my name on the front of it and the date

of my confirmation on the back of it. It means a lot to me because it was

given to me as a gift for my confirmation by my aunt whom I am very close




  1.     The most unexpected lesson you’ve learned in the last year? 

The most unexpected lesson I’ve learned in the last year was that it is

perfectly okay to say “no” to people, projects, events, etc. I use to say

“yes” to everyone and everything. I thought that I needed to take on every

new project and go to every important event to be seen and to further

progress my career. However since having my son, I realized that I just

couldn’t do everything, while still providing him with the needed

attention that he absolutely deserves.

Last year, I decided to let go of saying “yes” and to embrace the “no.” I

now dedicate my time on the things that I truly love and am passionate

about such as my son, family, and DeNada. I feel that by saying “no,” I am

now able to have more of a balanced life that most importantly makes my

family and I happy.



  1.     Last book that made you take notes in the margins?

Unfortunately, I am not a reader – eek! With the lack of free time (plus,

I tend to snooze whenever I open a book), I have opted for audiobooks. I

am a huge, huge, huge fan of audiobooks and listen to books whenever I am

knitting, driving, or exercising. I tend to “listen” to business and

marketing books, and have also been learning how to speak Japanese and

refine my Spanish on audio books.



  1.     Favorite song to put you in the mood to SLAY?

Thirty Seconds to Mars is my go to – lol!



  1.     What was your most FREE-ing moment and how did it challenge you to grow? 

I feel that my most FREE-ing moment was what I noted above. By saying “no” to certain requests and focusing my time on the things that I love such as my family and my brand, I freed myself from eventually burning myself out. With my life reprioritized, it motivates me to grow both as a mother and business owner.


A very special thank you to Virginia for sharing with us! Xx

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