FREEstyle Fridays: Renae Bluitt - Founder of Crush Media & Creator of In Her Shoes 0 Comments

Our 8th installment of FREEstyle Fridays, a series celebrating our 8 FREE Spring 2016 "Year of Yes" collection, features fabulous power connector and Beauty PR maven, Renae Bluitt -founder of Crush Media and creator of In Her Shoes.
Read on to learn how Renae's commitment to elevating the platforms of others has amplified the strength, purpose, and reach of her own voice. 
  1.       What gift would you love, but have not yet received? 

A check for a $1,000,000! I kid. Let's see...a gift I would love but haven't received would have to be the iPhone watch. I'm already connected more than the average person though so I'm not sure if this gift would be a blessing or a curse.  


  1.       Top bucket list item to accomplish in 2016… 

I'd love to take a drive on the Pacific Coast Highway. And let's be clear, I'd like to be the passenger. :)


  1.       The best piece of advice you’ve ever gotten? 

That's a tough one as I've received some really great advice over the years. It's a toss up between "don't confuse being busy with being productive" and "focus on how you live and how you impact the world. The rest will take care of itself."


  1.       Killer app that you can’t live as well without?

The Astrology Zone app by Susan Miller is a must-have for me. She's always so on point with her horoscopes. I check the app at the top of the month for the next 30 days and also throughout the month as I have "interesting" experiences and want to see if she forecasted them.


  1.       Song that puts you in the mood to slay the world?

"We Gon' Be Alright" by Kendrick Lamar and "I Like" by Guy! 


  1.       Best travel tip gleaned from your worldly adventures…

Pack light to leave room for new items you may pick up along the way. It's also a smart way to approach life in general. *cues "Bag Lady" by Erykah Badu* 


  1.       Most important lesson that you’ve learned in the past year...

You have to meet people where they are, not where you want them to be. It's all about accepting people, flaws and all. I'm definitely not suggesting that we settle, it's just important to respect each other's differences. Just because someone isn't doing something our way, doesn't mean that it's the wrong way.


  1.       What has been your most FREE-ing moment and how did it challenge you to grow?

My most FREE-ing moment is letting go of what I don't have control over. Everything happens in God's time. As much as I may want something now, worrying and stressing about why things aren't happening when I want them to is truly an exercise in futility.


A very special thank you to Renae for sharing with us! Xx

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