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In the spirit of our new 8 FREE Spring 2016 collection, Year of Yes, we continue to celebrate risk-taking and the wonder of the feminine mystique with the launch of "FREEstyle Fridays."

This Q&A series will introduce you to eight women who have boldly and FREE-ly stepped into their power and have yet to look back!

 First up, meet Mel of

1.    Top bucket list item for 2016?

To travel to Greece.

2.    From following you on Instagram (@rock_yo_rizos), we know how much you love pizza.  Where in the world have you eaten the best pizza ever?

Naples, Italy.  I ate pizza everyday during my week long vacation.

3.    Last book that made you take notes in the margins?

I haven't had a chance to sit and read a book because of my crazy schedule but I always put my post-it notes to use after visiting  I read my horoscope everyday and follow the moon schedules.  That site keeps me on track and the writing is so funny and modern.

4.    Best song to put you in the mood to SLAY?

Soul II Soul "Back to Life"

5.    Go-to bossy scent?

Angel by Thierry Mugler

6.    The most unexpected lesson you learned in 2015…

Don't expect anything from anyone.

7.    One possession you are NEVER giving up!

My satin pillowcase.

8.    How did your most FREE-ing moment challenge you and force you to grow?

I had no choice but to let go, get over my insecurities and truly love myself.


A very special thank you to Mel for sharing with us! Xx

To learn more about Mel and her #IamlettingGO campaign, please visit