FREEstyle FRIDAYS: Lauren Dunne of Varnish Lane 0 Comments

We continue to celebrate the launch of our 8 FREE Spring 2016 "Year of Yes" collection with the second installment  of FREEstyle Fridays.  Up next is Lauren, co-founder of Varnish Lane, Washington, DC's first waterless nail spa.
1.    Gift you would love but haven't received... yet!

 A cashmere robe - I swear I am turning into my mother more and more every day. But hey, my Mom is a boss lady so I don’t mind!

2.    Song that puts you in the mood to slay?

“Until You Were Gone (ft. Emily Warren)”  by The Chainsmokers

3.    Favorite way to fit family into your busy schedule?

Does working with them count?  Ha!  I am so lucky that I get to work with my Mom but we make sure to carve out non-working time with the rest of the family.  Sunday dinners are a favorite.  My sister is getting married this summer, so there will be a lot of upcoming festivities together as a family!

4.    Top bucket list item to accomplish in 2016...

Travel to Asia.

5.    Cruise on a yacht or lounge on a private island?
Private island... but can I have cabana boys that serve margaritas on the island?  I feel trapped on boats in large bodies of water.

6.    Last book that moved you to take notes in the margins?

Moody Bitches.  Ladies, we no longer have to feel bad about having mood swings!  In fact, moodiness is a strength, not a weakness!

7.    The most unexpected lesson of the past year...

You know how people say, “listen to your gut”? I never really took this seriously until starting my own business this past year. There are so many times I should have listened to my instinct when I felt something was wrong and taken immediate action. Don’t ever question or second-guess yourself. If you have a gut feeling about something (positive or negative) chances are the feeling is accurate!


8.    What was your most FREE-ing moment and how did it push you to grow?

The moment I realized that mistakes are not only inevitable, but also an opportunity to become smarter and more successful. It took me a long time to emotionally recoup from some mistakes made in the early days of our business. I suddenly realized that my own emotions were causing more damage than the actual mistakes. My productivity and overall mindset shifted immensely the moment I realized I was actually a smarter businesswoman for making mistakes and creating ways to solve them. 

A very special thank you to Lauren for sharing with us! Xx
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