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As we continue to celebrate our 8 FREE Spring collection, Year of Yes, we are excited to share our third installment of FREEstyle Fridays. Introducing… business woman and motivator extraordinaire, Myleik. She is the founder of and

1.       We know that you love a good book. What was the last book that moved you to take notes in the margins?

I absolutely loved “Year of Yes” by Shonda Rhimes.  I appreciated how honest she is about life and herself.  The one quote I highlighted and underlined was: “You know what happens when all of your dreams come true? Nothing. I realized a very simple truth: that success, fame, having all my dreams come true would not fix or improve me, it wasn’t an instant potion for personal growth.”  I also found this to be my reality about a year after starting curlBOX. 


2.       Top bucket list item to accomplish in 2016…

This may be shocking to some but I don’t have any bucket list items to accomplish this year.  I have some goals that I’d like to accomplish but if I don’t I won’t beat myself up about it.  I’m very ambitious so even if I “fail” and only get a few big things done I’ll be OK. 


3.       #MyTaughtYou is a campaign chock full of motivating advice for go-getters. What has been the best piece of wisdom you’ve ever been given? 

The best piece of advice that I’ve ever gotten was probably from my Dad who always tells me to remember to have fun.  I have a very serious personality and can become overly consumed with my work so I have to remember to make time for fun and not feel bad about what someone else will think about my decision to break. 


4.       Song that gets you in the mood to SLAY? 

Funny enough, when I know I have a lot to do and I have to get a TON of work done I play one of the playlists on the W Hotels website.  Not sure what about it fires me up but I get so much done with it in the background. 


5.       One possession you are NEVER giving up... 

I have a pair of Gucci wingtip mid-calf boots that I simply cannot stop wearing.  They are a caramel color and they go with EVERYTHING.  They are a bit worn down now but they still look great.  


6.       Your brilliant catchphrase #overherebeingexcellent has taken social media by storm. Who would you crown the Queen of Being Excellent in 2015? Honorable mention? 

I’d crown the Courtney Adeleye of “The Mane Choice.” She’s such a hard working [woman] and I’ve watched her take an idea and turn it into a product.  We’ve worked together a few times recently and everything she does is on point.  Everything.  

Honorable Mention:  Courtney Sanders of “Think & Grow Chick.”  I found out about her when she did a very detailed blog post about my podcasts.  I reached out to her to see how I could help her brand and the few times that I worked with her were also flawless.  She’s a sharp young woman with a great brand. 


7.       Go-to bossy fragrance?

I wear BYREDO Blanche every single day. 


8.       What was your most FREE-ing moment and how has it spurred you to grow?

Having a healthy savings always makes me feel “free.”  I believe that you earn your freedom in life by working hard enough to be able to write your own rules.  That can be as simple as requesting to work remotely one day a week, to owning your own business.  When I have a healthy savings I’m not working for the “money,” I’m working from the most honest space in my heart.

A very special thank you to Myleik for sharing with us! Xx
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