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Happy Saturday, Mischo Beauties! We’re seven days into our #weloveMischo crowdfunding campaign with iFundWomen and are so thrilled with the progress we've made with over 30+ backers!
We’re just getting started and need your help to make our revolutionary non-toxic nail care system “Repair, Polish, Protect, Remove, Repeat" a reality and bring innovations in non-toxic nail care to the forefront!
To show your love for and support for Mischo Beauty, please consider doing one or more of the following:

✨ Contribute to our iFundWomen campaign -

✨ Repost our campaign posts/videos when you see them

✨ Tag a friend below that needs to know about non-toxic beauty

✨ Sign up for our mailing list at

If you’ve contributed to the campaign so far, THANK YOU! Send us a DM with a screenshot of your contribution confirmation and we’ll feature you in our Insta-Stories !#MischoBeauty #WeLoveMischo