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This week's question comes from Ashley, who asked the following:

"Burned my cheeks exfoliating. Feels like sunburn. Any suggestions?"

I hate to hear that that has happened to you. While I am pro-exfoliation because of it's many benefits, I do believe in the "less is more rule". And so over-exfoliation or too-much exfoliation will definitely irritate the skin and could cause premature aging.

As a licensed esthetician, my recommendation is to make sure you're using the correct exfoliation product for your particular skin type. Physical/mechanical exfoliants (scrubs, beads, etc.) may be too rough for certain skin types - so be careful and follow the manufacturer's directions on correct product usage.

To treat your irritated/inflamed skin, try using products formulated for sensitive skin. Be very gentle with product application and removal. Also, try using a gel mask which will both calm and soothe your skin, along with providing hydration and nourishment.

If the condition persists- please see a dermatologist! I hope this helps. Please stop back by and let us know how you decide to move forward!  Love your skin. #AskMischoBeauty #AskKitiya