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This week's question comes from Lindsey, who asked the following:

"I live in the DC metro area and I'd like to know if you can recommend a clean and well ventilated nail spa that offers pampering nail services?  I'd like to visit for Valentine's Day!"

Well, that's an easy one!  I've visited many nail spas throughout the DC metro area and below I've included a list of my absolute favorite - in no particular order:

The Emerald Door

The Spa at Mandarin Oriental

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa - Bethesda

Scrub Nail Boutique

All of the spas listed above follow strict sanitation and disinfection procedures, ensure proper air ventilation and offer a 10 FREE nail polish option.

I hope this helps!

Please stop back by and let us know where you decided to go!  #AskMischoBeauty