This week's question comes from Danielle, who asked the following:

"What's are facial extractions?  Are they painful?"


Well, the extraction portion of a facial involves the manual removal of build-up (dirt, oil, product, etc.) and/or blackheads. And, there are three ways in which this can be done.
Your esthetician may wrap both index fingers with cotton and use them for the extraction, or use two cotton swabs along - or use a comedone extractor (which is a metal tool- please beware!)
During a facial, your esthetician should cleanse, tone, exfoliate and treat your skin with steam in order to soften pores and prepare for extractions. Next, pressure is applied around the skin surrounding the hair follicle (pore) in order to extract the impaction.
You will probably feel discomfort, but you shouldn't feel pain. And, as long as you're seeing an experienced esthetician that you have a relationship with, you should have no worries.
BUT, I would not recommend having extractions done on a first visit.  You should really give yourself time to get to know your esthetician and her facial techniques - and you need to give your esthetician time to get to know your skin!
Also - please remember- extractions are NOT a DIY procedure!  You risk scarring and creating irreversible damage to your skin.

I hope this helps!
Please stop back by and let us know how you choose to move forward, as well as what works for you. Love your skin. #AskMischoBeauty