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If you’ve been following us on Twitter over the years, then you know one of my favorite beauty tips to share is: "Avoid cuticle clippers! Your cuticles are natural protection against bacteria. Gently push them back & moisturize!”
Now the reason for this is that often times cuticle clippers aren’t sanitized and disinfected as they should be.  Trimming cuticles during a manicure can cause cracking, fraying and redness.  It’s always better to soak, condition and gently push cuticles back.  Remember, cuticles are a natural barrier against fungus and bacteria - so be careful.  Gently push them back- but never cut them!
My recommendation would be to use cuticle sticks for very gently pushing back your cuticles, and to use a cuticle oil to keep cuticles supple, soft and smooth.
Also, if you’re pregnant make sure the manicurist doesn't cut your cuticles or remove calluses. When you remove cuticles and calluses, you increase the risk of cuts and infection, which isn't a good idea ever but especially not when you're pregnant.
If you still plan to use cuticle clippers, always be sure to clean them properly before and after use - also be sure the person using them on you is experienced and knows how to use them properly!
I hope this was helpful! #AskMischoBeauty #AskKitiya