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This week's question comes from Kelly, who asked the following:
“So I've cleaned and decluttered my bathroom cabinet, drawers and my vanity and now I have tons of makeup products that I can either gift, donate, recycle or throw away.  But, I don't know where to start?  Help!"
While you're staying at home, this is a good time to curate what you have, what you don't need or no longer want and possibly give to those in need.
Just a reminder - don't donate any used or half-used products!  Anything used more than 50% should be thrown away (mascara, lotions, makeup, etc.)  with packaging recycled - if possible. 
For example, please check out CHEMWISE for nail polish recycling options.  Also, I just learned that mascara wands can be donated to Wands for Wildlife.
Be sure to check all packaging before tossing for recycling instructions.  If recycling isn't an option, then consider upcycling!  Check out TerraCycle, which works to make sure beauty products are sorted to the proper areas.
For donations, consider unused products what haven't expired, as well as gently used items that can be sanitized, such as hairbrushes, combs, makeup brushes, etc.  I love the missions of Project Beauty Share, Beauty Bus, Share Your Beauty and Dress for Success.
Also, you can always check the shelters in your local area to learn more about their donation needs.
I hope this helps!
Please stay healthy, safe and well!