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I can't begin to tell you all how much in love I am with my Clarisonic Skincare Brush!  
The majority of my experience with skincare brushes has been with using them during a facial (during my esthetician training),  specifically during the exfoliation process, during which I would use the brush with the combination of an exfoliant and steam treatment to ensure all dirt and dead skin cells had been removed from the skin.

Since I've been using the Clarisonic Skincare Brush at home, I've been using it once a day for cleansing and 2-3 times a week to assist with exfoliation.  Always remember - less is more!  I'm not only using it on my face, but also on my neck and decollete (which is your second face!).
I love that it's light weight and very easy to use and the bristles on the brush head are soft and smooth- and feel so gentle on my skin. It's waterproof, comes with a charger and the brush head can be removed for cleansing.

I've mentioned a few times before the importance of facial cleansing.  Seriously, it's half the battle in achieving healthy skin.  And, healthy skin begins with CLEAN SKIN.
 The Clarisonic Skincare Brush removes dirt, makeup and dead skin cells, which in turn all ensures pores aren't blocked and prepares the skin for the penetration of other products (moisturizers, serums, eye creams, etc).
This brush is great because it helps to ensure a deep, thorough and gentle cleansing. I'm loving my results and I feel it's worth the investment and totally worth adding to your at-home skincare regimen.
Are you convinced?  I hope this was helpful!  
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