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This week's question comes from Ava, who asked the following: 

"Thank you for the beauty tips you post! They are incredibly helpful.
I do have a question about facial skin care. My face, due to hormonal changes, broke out really badly some years ago and has left me with blemishes/dark marks on my cheeks (in fact when my face breaks out now it usually leaves a mark).
What would you recommend to correct this? I'm not sure if I should see someone about facials, go to a dermatologist, or use an OTC fade cream? Thanks a million!"

You're very welcome! Now I could recommend a variety of products to treat hyperpigmentation, but it bothers me that your skin instantly leaves marks now after a breakout.
You really need to get to the bottom of WHY that is happening in the FIRST place! Is it something internal? Are you using the wrong products? Are you allergic to certain ingredients? Is your skin super sensitive now?

I'd recommend a visit to the Dermatologist before you spend more money on products! Your doctor should be able to help you get to the bottom of why this is happening, as well as give you proper direction on how to prevent it. I believe in prevention- first and foremost!

Once you've seen a Dermatologist and have been properly advised, I'd recommend that you start following a consistent skincare regimen using products specifically for your skin type/conditions. And, if you're able to- start investing in monthly facials! As I'm sure you've read on my blog, I BELIEVE in facials for so many beneficial reasons!

I hope this helps. Please stop back by and let us know how you decide to move forward!


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