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The story of why I decided to enter the realm of clean cosmetics by launching Mischo Beauty starts with my son. While I've always been a polish fanatic and frequent nail salon-goer, it wasn't until after the news of my pregnancy that I really started paying attention to what I used on my skin and how I practiced self-care. Matter of fact, for the first six months, I didn't even feel comfortable painting my nails because of all the toxins in the formulas that were available back then — let alone stand to be around any strong fumes. Frustrated, once my baby was born, as a new mom and licensed cosmologist/esthetician, I vowed to create safer solutions and share everything I know! 
If you're expecting (congratulations!), keep reading for 5 tips to practice throughout all three trimesters.  
1. Choose a salon that's well-ventilated.
Although fumes aren't 100% avoidable, all great nail salons either have windows, strong vents or both to keep air flowing and your senses at bay.  
2. Make sure you're using sterilized tools.
Should you wish to take a DIY approach, keep your clippers and files clean by regularly ridding them of any debris. Washing with soap is fine, but consider going the extra step to soak your tools in boiling water. After, make sure to dry them off and place them in a sealed container to keep germs out. 
3. Avoid cutting your cuticles. 
When you're pregnant, you're more susceptible to fungal infections. Cuticle cutting rids your nail beds of living tissue, which can easily expose you to harm. Rather than clipping your cuticles, request that your manicurist push them back and condition with oil
4. Use 10-FREE nail polish. 
As with all Mischo Beauty Nail Lacquers, toxins are NEVER on trend. We're also Vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, gluten-free and void of artificial fragrances to further ensure you're not exposed to any harmful chemicals!
5. Let your nails dry on their own. 
This is a tough one, especially if you're pressed for time! But remember, taking time out to pamper yourself should be a relaxing experience. Enjoy it for all its worth by avoiding dangerous UV lamps often used to cure polish and spending a few extra minutes sitting under a fan. 
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