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This week's question comes from Bianca, who asked the following:
"What tips/advice would you give to stop nail biting?"

I really wish I had the perfect answer for you! Nail biting is a hard habit to break.
You should try to first determine the reason for the nail biting - which might mean seeing a dermatologist. Also, keep in mind the germs/bacteria you're passing back and forth between your nails/fingers and your mouth and the potential of infection!

Here are my best tips:

- Try to get weekly manicures. Keeping your nails neat and groomed may prevent you from trying to "groom" them yourself.

- If weekly manicures aren't in your budget, keep your nails polished. Knowing that you will mess up your polish may keep you from biting your nails.

- Keep a cuticle cream or oil in your purse. This will help with nail growth. Once you see growth, hopefully this will discourage you from biting your nails.

I hope this helps.
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