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This week's question comes from Lori, who asked the following:

"I recently started going to a new nail salon and I've noticed that my cuticles peel and look frayed a few days after my manicure.  Why is this happening?  Help!"

There are two reasons why this might be happening.  First, trimming cuticles during a manicure can cause cracking, fraying and redness.  It's always better to soak, condition and gently push them back.  Remember, cuticles are a natural barrier against fungus and bacteria - so be careful!  I would encourage you to avoid using cuticle clippers, if possible.

The second reason why you might be experiencing your issues could be due to dryness.   Dry cuticles can lead to peeling, splitting and even hangnails.  Use a cuticle oil or cream nightly to keep them moisturized and prevent this from happening.

I hope this helps!

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