Ask Mischo Beauty

Ask Mischo Beauty

This week's question comes from Monica, who asked the following:

"After reading your blog, I've finally made the decision to invest in a serious skincare regimen. But, there are so many steps and products to buy! Do I really need to purchase a toner?"

Thank you so much for your support! I really, really appreciate it! Now I'm biased (I'm a licensed esthetician), so yes, I do recommend you purchase one and here's why. I believe that toners are a necessary step in a skincare regimen.  And just to clarify - toners, fresheners and astringents are all essentially the same type of product. But, it is important to note that the products do have different properties and vary by strength and alcohol content.

Most often these liquids are used after cleansing, just before a moisturizer is applied. If using during a mini-facial, for instance, then multiple applications are required. Toners are applied by using a cotton ball/pad or by spraying directly onto the skin. Most fall into the following categories below:

- Fresheners: Beneficial for dry, mature and sensitive skin. Often have the lowest to no alcohol content.

- Toners: Beneficial for normal and combination skin. Very low alcohol content; tones or tightens the skin.

- Astringents: Beneficial for oily and acneic skin. Higher alcohol content; helps remove excess oil on the skin, but can be too drying and may cause more harm than good.

So, here are the benefits:

- Removes residue left behind by cleansers.
- Restores the skin's natural pH after cleansing or other treatments.
- Prepares the skin for increased product absorption.
- May improve certain skin conditions (some toners contain
vitamins/antioxidants, etc.).

I hope this helps. Please stop back by and let us know how you decide to move forward! And as always, please feel free to send me any additional questions you might have. Love your skin. #AskMischoBeauty

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