Ask Mischo Beauty

Ask Mischo Beauty

This week's question comes from Bridget, who asked the following:

"I'm ready to give my gel nails up, but I'm afraid to see the condition of my natural nails.  How can I get them back to good health?"

Though I don't know how long you've been wearing gel nails, I can assume that your nails need a serious detox!  The longer you wear gel nails, the greater chance you have of experiencing negative, long-term affects on your nail health.

First and foremost, be sure to have the gels removed by a professional to ensure the least amount of damage to your nails.  Gels can leave deep ridges in the nails if removed incorrectly.  

Secondly, give your nails a chance to repair themselves by allowing them to breathe. Avoid putting anything on your nails for at least a week or two.  You may, before bedtime, massage coconut oil on your nail bed.  Coconut oil will moisturize, nourish and strengthen your nails.  It's antibacterial and antifungal properties will work to protect your weak nails.  

Thirdly, make sure you're drinking water, getting adequate sleep, eating fresh greens and consider taking supplements. Remember, your body repairs itself from the inside out, so be patient with the process!

Lastly, a regimen of consistent manicures will help your nails remain neat and groomed.  It will also help with taking the worry away from how quickly your nails heal and get back to good health.  Just be sure that the products used during your manicures are 10 FREE, toxin-free!

I really hope this helps!

Please stop back by and let us know how things are going!  #AskMischoBeauty #AskKitiya

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