FREEstyle Fridays: Kitiya King of Mischo Beauty

FREEstyle Fridays: Kitiya King of Mischo Beauty
The sixth installment of our FREEstyle Fridays series, celebrating the "Year of Yes" collection, brings us the founder of Mischo Beauty, Kitiya King.
1. Top bucket list item to achieve in 2016... 

Trip to Paris.


2. Go-to power nail shade? 



3. Most lifesaving tip for work/life balance?

Don't be afraid to ask for help!  I'll say it again - don't be afraid to ask for help!!!  When I started my business, my son was 14 months old, I was still breastfeeding him and I was working a 9 to 5 job.  My plate was beyond full - to say the least!  I had to ask for help, or I would not have made it this far.  I'm so thankful and grateful to my family, friends and associates who so graciously gave of their time.


4. Most important lesson you've learned in the last year...

It's really important to celebrate the tiny victories.  Starting a business is NOT easy, and sometimes you feel like you're sprinting and can barely catch your breath.  I've learned that it's a marathon and it's important to enjoy the journey.  The tiny victories add up to huge accomplishments, which in turn allow you to advance along the journey.


5. Song that puts you in the mood to SLAY the world?

When I hear "Diva" by Beyonce, I can't help but stop what I'm doing and get my groove on!


6. One thing about you that people would be surprised to learn...

I was a chemistry pre-med major in college and was accepted into medical school.  I decided not to attend because I felt there was more out there in the world for me to explore.  I believed that once I found my true passion it would fully support me. 


7. Gift you would love but haven't received... yet!

Mercedes G-Class SUV!!!


8. What has been your most FREE-ing moment and how has it challenged you to grow? 

One of my most FREE-ing moments was when I took the leap and decided to enroll in cosmetology school.  Beauty has always been my passion and this was something I'd been wanting to pursue for years!  

When I did actually enroll, I had already obtained a degree in Chemistry and had been working professionally for about ten years.  Most would have thought I was crazy and questioned what I was doing.  But, I never sought validation or approval from anyone.

I actually didn't even tell anyone I was in cosmetology school until I was halfway through the program!  Growth associated with following your heart and pursuing your passion is priceless and is the reason I am where I am now! 


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