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Mischo Beauty Luxury Nail Lacquer
Having trouble with growing long natural nails? Trust me, I know how frustrating the process can be — especially when it seems like you've tried just about every "quick fix" including gel and acrylic overlays to little or no avail. However, with a few lifestyle changes, which could mean developing healthier habits, together we can get you on the path towards lasting results. Keep reading to find out how in five steps!
1. Keep your cuticles well-nourished.
Preventing dry, cracked cuticles is essential to your overall nail health. Healthy cuticles equals healthy nails, as your cuticles are a natural protective barrier against trauma and can help stimulate growth when kept moisturized.
Made with a lux infusion of coconut, jojoba and grapeseed oils, Mischo Beauty's Nail Elixir Cuticle Oil is a great option to repair and strengthen both your nails and cuticles. And as with all our products, it's Vegan-friendly, cruelty-free, gluten-free & void of artificial fragrances. 
2. Be gentle when filing.
Using a nail file is a fast way to whip your nails into shape — especially if they are snagged or chipped. But be careful, as they can also do tons of damage and prevent overall length retention should you file too harshly. 
3. Stop using acetone nail polish remover.
Acetone is SUPER drying and should be avoided completely if your nails are already fragile. Instead, opt for nail polish removers with milder, yet effective formulas that work to hydrate and condition as opposed to wreak more havoc. Good news: Mischo Beauty is gearing up to launch our own acetone-free remover that works like magic without leaving any residue — stay tuned!
4. Talk to your doctor about taking vitamins. 
Oftentimes, your diet could be the main reason why your nails are prone to splitting and peeling. If you're not getting enough vitamins — think biotin and B5 — consider taking supplements to get the boost you may need. As always, though, make sure to consult a doctor before making any dietary adjustments. 
5. Try hard not to bite your nails.
I KNOW, this is HARD! But biting is an absolute no-no. Getting weekly manicures is one way to keep your nails looking neat and can prevent you from trying to "groom" them yourself. If weekly manicures aren't in your budget, keep your nails polished with our collection of 10-FREE Luxury Nail Lacquers. Knowing that you'll mess up your pretty polish could be enough incentive to help you kick the habit for good!
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